Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hialeah, FL


Why get a Maintenance Plan?

Did you know the number one reason why air conditioning units fail is due to lack of maintenance?
HVAC studies show that air conditioning units run for more than 3,000 hours during hot summers. Our professional maintenance plans will keep your air conditioning unit strong and ready to handle stresses created by long hours of operation.
Air Conditioning Technician and A part of preparing to install new air conditioner — Air Conditioning Services in Hialeah, FL

Why Choose ACTL Group?

  • Our company has over 35 years in air conditioning maintenance, repairs and installation experience.
  • ACTL Group is a certified and licensed contractor in the state of Florida CAC1819095 and we we also hold a Mechanical Engineer's license CC02M000930.
  • Our certified technicians will ensure your air conditioning unit conforms to its original standards and reahces its full warranty period.
  • If your air conditioning unit were to ever fail, you can count of ACTL Group for all your air conditioning needs.


All of our plans offer the same great coverage for your Air Conditioning Unit.
ACTL Group has an industry leading maintenance plan that includes 21 points to ensure your air conditioning unit works to its manufacturer's standards and reaches its full warranty.

Our key inspection points include:

  1. Clean or change air filter
  2. Check indoor coil for obstruction
  3. Check freon lines for leakage
  4. Check blower components
  5. Lubricate accessible moving parts
  6. Check and adjust tension on belts as needed
  7. Inspect heating coil for cracks
  8. Inspect and clean air handler drain pipe
  9. Inspect and clean drain air handler drain pan
  10. Check air handler electrical connections
  11. Check thermostat and re-program if needed
  1. Inspect electrical contractors for wear
  2. Inspect electrical disconnects
  3. Inspect capacitors
  4. Check for proper amperage and voltage
  5. Check condenser unit for proper start
  6. Inspect condernser fan lubrication
  7. Check for condenser unit security
  8. Check for proper freon operating pressures; add up to 2lbs if needed
  9. Inspect condenser service valves for any leaks
  10. Check for obstruction of outside drain pipe

Plans & Prices


Additional Benefits

ACTL Group's commitment is to keep your air conditioning unit to run like new. However, if for any reason any part does fail, ACTL Group will guide you through all the manufacturer recommendations and what parts will be required to install.
As an ACTL Group Maintenance Plan recipient, you will be entitled to:
  • Priority response
  • Fast diagnostic
  • 15% Off Duct Cleaning
  • 15% Off Parts
  • 15% Off Labor
  • 15% Off Coil Cleaning
* Plan C offers an additional 10% Off Duct Cleaning for a total 25% Off Duct Cleaning!
As a result, wait time without air conditioning will be much less. A needed priority during those hot summers.