Duct Cleaning Services in Hialeah, FL


What is the most effective technology in Air Duct Cleaning?

  • Don't be fooled by companies out there that hook up large vacuums to your ducts and suck for 20 minutes without using scrubbing brushes.
  • Our company uses a rotary brush action to scrub the ducts and a powerful vacuum system to remove the dirt and dust we knock off your ducts. We enter through each and every register, cleaning not only the duct finger lines, but also the trunk supply line and cold air returns.
  • We apply a sanitizing technology using a fogging system to help with bacteria, viruses, and odors that may be found in your ducts.

Why is it important to have your air ducts cleaned periodically?

  • The air in your home is circulated through your heating and cooling system. The air ducts are the primary route of this air circulation.
  • Imagine the air you breathe circulating through ducts that contain dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens.
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How is the air quality you breathe inside your house?

  • According to the EPA, the air you breathe inside your home could be many times worse than the air outside.
  • There is excessive dust, pet dander and other allergens locked up inside your ducts.